Laura Laurens is a self-trained Bogotá based designer. Inspired by her fine arts background, her dialogue with clothes intends to question the limits. Her work is defined by a distinctly raw approach to design, textile interventions, artisanal processes and the commitment to sustainability and empowering local indigenous communities of her country.

Her work is characterized by an interpretation of the social reality of her homeland Colombia, through the reinterpretation of the materials, such as the military fabrics; which is visible in the transformation of the textiles´ surface and a unique style to convey the complexity of the contemporary woman. The brand works with limited editions, oversized silhouettes and wrapped-around shapes. Each collection of Laurens tells a story in which paradoxes are the core subject and the materials are the white canvas for subverting the paradigms, all of this from her environmental and artistic sensibility. Those elements took her four years ago to show her work during the Paris Fashion Week and helped her open an international market, selling in different recognized boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Florence and Paris to name a few, apart from the three shops she sales in Bogotá.

In 2018 she was selected as one of the 15 best emerging designers worldwide to represent Colombia in the IFS 2019 lead by the British Council and also was chosen by Vogue Talents to represent Latin America in the Milan Fashion week.